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Amber Steel's boyfriend is using his lunch hour in an unusual manner: He's getting his dick sucked by a snow bunny and he's enjoying every minute of it. Amber, the throughtful girlfriend that she is, wants to surprise the love of her life but has walked into something that will burn images into her mind forever. At this point, most girls would just drop their man and move on; Amber Steel has revenge on her mind and she's going to seek the help of a gang of good ol' boys. Amber Steel gets into her unmentionables and works the line of white boys (who resemble the audience at a Country Music concert.) Amber sucks on each white cock as her hands jerk any available dick. Amber's tongue feels every white cock her mouth can attack. Amber's salivary glands overheat by the time she gets to the last peckerwood and it's now time to unleash the fury of 8 loads of white jizz. The pictures and video speak for themselves.

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Member kingd**** Said:
cutest bitch i've seen in a while and great dick sucking lips!

Member tntjp**** Said:
I wanna see the lil white bitch in something

Member erika**** Said:
What ever happened to Jackie Brown? She would be perfect for this site.

Member markd**** Said:
she was dodging the cum.

Member joker**** Said:
yeah agreed! Also always wanted to try this :)

Member komba**** Said:
The best blowbang site. You must add a straight gangbang site with these same girls. Blondesonblacks or something.

Member ddhv4**** Said:
how can I get in touch with amber steel?

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