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Member Rating: 9.03 Bella Moretti - Date Added: Friday, 08/06/2010
Take almost a dozen of the most vile crackers you can find and toss in a broken-hearted black woman. The end result is a buffet of white cocks at her disposal for a black girl whose man has done her wrong. The frown that Bella Moretti is wearing tells the tale of a woman that has revenge in her heart but no place to vent it. A snow bunny friend informs her that a secret society enables black woman to get back at their black boyfriends for dipping their black sticks in white pools. You can hearing the wheels in Bella's head turn as she morphs into a white dick milking station right before our eyes. Our rednecks stand before her as if in a firing squad and Bella Moretti gives each white boy ample time with her mouth as her free hands reach for any available dick in a mile radius. She's attacked by the hardest white peckers around and the gleam in her eyes tell us that she's never to regret the choice to call up the wolf pack and blow them all. It's going to take a while to clean up all the goo from her lips, her eyes, and any clean patch of skin on her face that jizz may have missed. Actually, those crackers creamed her face from top to bottom and dressed her with the Stars and Bars.

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NULL Member These**** Said:
It was all good till she said "don't knock me up though". Shit, she should do a creampie scene to make up for that.

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
What a hottie, how can you NOT fuck her?! I gave it a 9, 10 if someone had banged her.

NULL Member markd**** Said:
more guys. i wanna see the girls get a face completely full of cum

NULL Member third**** Said:
For a scene to rate a 10 with Bella Moretti it must include: FUCKIN'.

NULL Member great**** Said:
she needed to get fucked...I hate when they only blow..

NULL Member kenne**** Said:
bella looks so very cute engulfing a large white member. the sisters simply rule.

NULL Member black**** Said:
its true... if got nailed then it would be more hot. this is, they should be banging her... shes only sucking.

NULL Member herts**** Said:
Less fucking,that's not what this site is about!

NULL Member USFBu**** Said:
why is it that the ethnic girls always keep their eyes closed during the facials? When on InterracialBlowbang all the chicks keep them open, well the majority of them, well all except Amai Lui...

NULL Member skeet**** Said:
I like how dude nutt'd in her hair! lol

NULL Member black**** Said:
shes smoking... I would never expect a hot girl like this to do something this crazy.

NULL Member blkbr**** Said:
I agree. More fucking. Or just get rid of this and put on another all together where the sistahs get fucked by big dick white boys.

NULL Member gallm**** Said:
I like more fucking!!!!!

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