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Member Rating: 9.47 Leilani Leeane - Date Added: Friday, 09/30/2011
It appears as if divine intervention has just come crashing into Leilani Leeane's crumbling world. Leilani's lesbian lover has cheated on her with a piece of white fish and Leilani Leeanne can't comprehend the insult. Eric Swiss is trying to console Leilani but her head isn't in the right place. It looks as if the only way our of her emotional dilemma is to get her head in the right place.....with nearly a dozen cocks surrounding her. Leilani has never contemplated going strictly dickly but drastic times call for drastic measures. The confederate coalition has offered her about nine feet of white cock which makes for an interracial suck-a-thon. Leilani's initial hesitation fades away like her face in some other whore's muff. Leilani sucks and chokes on any and all available rednecks in the area and her days of going meatless are over. The risk of lockjaw increases with each passing minute that a white cock is taking up residency in her mouth. The icing on the cake comes when billions of redneck children get splashed on Leilani's ebony face. This blowbang turns out to be cheaper and quicker than any shrink's couch. The downside? Leilani's girlfriend is gonna smell the stench of a trailer park the next time she tries to kiss her.

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WOW! Me and my Wife are a Hot Black couple! And we fell in love with this. My wife got so horny, keep it coming!

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What a beautiful girl! They left the t-shirt on her face far too long., still a 10 to see someone this pretty get her face pasted.

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