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Member Rating: 9.27 Skin Diamond - Date Added: Friday, 03/18/2011
Never underestimate the power of black pussy. Skin Diamond has always been the "giving type" and there's no better way to demonstrate her good nature than to suck off some angry white boys. This Diamond in the rough knows the plight the white man has faced since his place in this world has been in jeopardy. With all that said, the Cumbangers and I spent a lazy Sunday with Skin Diamond and the end result was nearly a dozen empty nut sacks. Skin wore this sleazy outfit as she went down the line of truckers, trailer park residents and monster truck aficionados. That black mouth sucked the sap out of each of us good ole boys until her face resembled a sticky,white mess. Each white boy left her messier than the previous one and Skin Diamond's contribution to race relations will go down in the record books.

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Member allst**** Said:
great vid white guys need to be more ruff only 1 guy was pushing her limits i have seen black guys tear her ass up

Member q2345**** Said:
Beautiful girl! Really nice sexy shoes! The white girls should take a clue from her!

Member markd**** Said:
put more guys. i wanna see a face completely covered in cum

Member ericz**** Said:
I wish black girls liked white guys in my neck of the woods. I'm movin'. I want to fuck black women bad!

Member desro**** Said:
You guys consistently have the hottest black chicks I've seen. Kudos!

Member Rocco**** Said:
Isn't she a "pornstar", doesn't she earn her living with sex? So there must be a way to have her do exactly this, right? Must not be 20 guys, but her in a scene fucking at least 5 would be a good start. Otherwise I have to agree that this scene is not as good as it could be with some serious fucking!

Member Boris**** Said:
She's so damn hot and I'm so damn disappointed you forgot the actual fucking. Seriously, that's just a poor way to waste a hot girl like that in just some boring blowjobs. Get her back and get her in a REAL CUMBANG - with some BANG like in GANGBANG! **WEBMASTER NOTE:** She refused to fuck these guys. We didn't "forget".

Member mynam**** Said:
PLEASE PLEASE Have her again BUT next time have the guys fuck her!!!!

Member mange**** Said:

Member black**** Said:
I like this scenes scenario ... more stuff like this with reverse interracial. like

Member alvie**** Said:
she is hot

Member desro**** Said:
The girls on this site are consistently the best black chicks in porn. But you seriously need some better white dudes. There are some major white studs in porn -- this is the best you can get?

Member black**** Said:
she was hot... but please can they not only have sex with her mouth... need more ebony chicks on this network. more ebony on white please.

Member golds**** Said:
this was wack.. plz put more updates damn im a loal customer

Member ghost**** Said:
Slapping her was a nice touch but way too softly executed. The rednecks need to be rougher (i.e. harder slaps and choking) to better play out the theme. Reference the recent scenes from for how to slap a bitch properly with none of those puny baby slaps.

Member ghost**** Said:
limpd, she was actually poking fun at you whiners of affirmative action. its called SARCASM, which obviously flew over your small mind.

Member Evan1**** Said:
We need her to be gangbanged !!!!!

Member sudan**** Said:
the rougher the better

Member sudan**** Said:
this is the best scene. she wanted more guys you can tell, she swallows thats great. please have her cum back with more guys.

Member limpd**** Said:
Great scene. Love the affirmative action theme, which is 100% true by the way.

Member kenne**** Said:
cute girl with nice legs and ass, but too many tatoos. so many tatoos do not belong on women. i like nice, dark, clean skin.

Member golds**** Said:
plz more updates with fucking

Member golds**** Said:
where is the fucking.... i waited this long for an update.. im dissapointed

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