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Member Rating: 9.15 Yasmine De Leon - Date Added: Monday, 01/14/2013
The Cumbangers are none too pleased that Obama has another 4 years of "fucking up this country." How do you spell revenge? Well, it seems as if taking out their aggression on a Michelle Obama look-alike is in order. Yasmine De Leon fits that bill. The Cumbangers take their place and Yasmine (looking like the First Lady), gets to work by sucking each and every Republican cock in the room. "Michelle Obama" gets dirty by getting on her knees and sucking and jerking each white cock put ion her face. The money that Obama hasn't taken from the white man is put to good use as "Michelle" gets bent over and fucked. Each white guy lines up-like a polling station in Salt Lake City- and proceed to slam their white meat into her black pussy. The end result is a downpour of white jizz all over beautiful black face. We doubt Oabamacare will cover the pinkeye that "Michelle" got from all that white cum.

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Member wxlew**** Said:
im a black guy w/ black gf that looks as good as yasmine if not better. we love the site. and if anyone knows where to find this in real life, if it exists let us know.

Member jaker**** Said:
i think it'd be hotter if she were taking cumshots while getting fucked

Member wxlew**** Said:
actually i think i like this one so much bc she reminds me of my black gf who recently told me she used to date a white guys w/ a dick that is bigger than mine. which is hot to me for some reason.

Member wxlew**** Said:
shes hot...actually would be great to reverse the cuckold session or invite the black bf to a cum-bang

Member samsa**** Said:
Wow, that was hot! You can tell she loves what she does. Please bring her back for Glory-hole Initiations and possibly a Cuckold Session. It would be cool to see a black girl cuckold her white boyfriend to that big black cock. Bring her back!!!

Member beerb**** Said:
Take it, Baby. She gets the treatment a slut deserves.

Member ok4fe**** Said:
All black sluts need to act like this!

Member gawnd**** Said:
all black sluts need to be treated like this.

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