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Starring: Lola Foxx, Rob Piper

Tags:  1 on 1, Brunette, Petite, Swallow, Tattoos, Shaved, Big Booty 

Movie description:

Lola's ability to make your ears melt is evident when she gets fucked by Rob Piper. The sexy Latina knows her way around a big, black cock. We begin the festivities with a strip show courtesy of the slutty fuck toy. Lola's next round of fun comes when Rob Piper's massive dick finds its way down her throat. The spit oozing from Lola's mouth coats Rob's black cock right before he slowly enters her cunt. The dirty talk doesn't end even as Lola's pussy feels the complete wrath of the black man's power. Want more? We know you do. Lola's cunt lips wrap around Rob's meat right before she swallows all his creamy goodness. Another slut satisfied courtesy of the Dogfart Network.

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Lola Foxx

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    Amazing scene. I think this may be my fav!

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    This Interracial Site is hot, but it's main theme is insulting White Men. I know this is only fantasy based, but this is pretty much the only site that totally insults White people as inferior cause of the Huge Black Cock Stereotype. I'm no racist at all. Dating and banging a hot black chick with a face and body to die for. She's says she's had the huge Black Cock and prefers my 8" thick cock to any Black cock she's fucked. She says she likes the balls deep feeling, and how much harder and faster I can ram her pussy. Let's face it this insulting White boys on here is a little to far gone. Lola Foxx here is hot tho and can talk pretty nasty, but you heard how much insulting she did. Fantasy scene or not, it's a little to far fetched. Perfect ASS on her to. Notice tho how she could only take a couple of inches of his cock in her mouth and only half of it in her pussy. That's what gets me laughing at this "I love Huge Black Cock - This pussy will never see a white cock again," mentality. Dogfart you are a cool site, but you're almost giving a racist message about white people on this site. Lot's of Black guys with tiny cocks as well in the real. Knock it off a bit. Lola was constantly made to say insulting things about the white race here a ton which is sad to say the least. Love Lola tho. Mike Adriano from Evil Angel would have a different effect on Lola in the real which would be insanely positive. She fucks em all. Fantasy or not, tone down the racial insults. To bad Lola couldn't have that hard slamming balls smacking her ass and clit sensation. She looked like she was struggling. Love the site tho. more

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    Lola is so incredibly good with this fetish-type stuff. DF should definitely have her back.

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    My favorite scene on the entire network.

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    Lola, your performance was amazing. Im honored to even watch you, thank you so much! I would love to suck on your toes or do whatever you asked me. Totally stroking my teeny White dick right now. Youre so beautiful! more

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    Hearing all Lola's dirty talk about how she cheats with blacks guys on her submissive white masturbation-addicted wallet/boyfriend reminded me of all the girls who have used me and gotten their sex from well hung guys. And I still beat off to every one of them. Great dirty talk from a sexy girl with a knee-buckling booty. Lola's bubble butt and her cute devious smirk as she rides the big black cock will make countless inadequate penises squirt, and she knows it! more

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    Love the big load of cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Good girl. Wish I was in her place though

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    Love the dirty talk to the little white boys during the scene

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    She is one cute bitch. Took a good load and swallowed it all, love it.

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    SHE IS TOO CUTE. Get her going with some interesting gangbang scenes please.

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    Great scene. Gotta give props to Lola for stepping up her game. Her first scene with Dogfart was boring but her last couple scenes have been great. Love the dirty talk.

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    nasty little bitch. its time for a no holes barred gangbang.

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    I lost when she confesses to fucking black guys in the car.

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    While a tad on the repetitive side, I loved the humiliation talk. In fact, this might be the first porn scene ever where I watched start to finish. That alone I'm giving it a "10" although I wished she got a facial instead of swallowing! more

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    God!!! HER SEXY TALK IS KILLING ME!!!! 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ SHE'S MEGA HOT!!! 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+

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    time to pay the Piper

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    That's my good girl !!!!! Such a good little cock sucker !!!!! Nice white ass too !!!!!!

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    Love her. and love the one on one scenes. enough gangbangs already

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    With an ass like hers she should do an all anal gangbang cuckold scene, feeding the cuck the anal creampies.

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    She talks too much....

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    The foot worship/humiliation at the beginning was fantastic! The only part of a white woman a white-boy should ever be allowed to touch is her feet, for this very purpose, and wherever she commands him to lick up black seed off of her, so this was perfect in this scene. So many gems like this throughout, I can't list them all but a few of my favs include the shopping/cc talk, buying the black stud clothing... white-boy orgasm... all the bbc to small, white pecker comparison but not just that but the VARIETY of things Lola says and how she says them... white-boy orgasms, plural.... The talk of his big, strong black hands... white-boy orgasm... This is white-boy domination at its finest! The whole idea for this scene is simple, elegant and perfect. Striking at the core of the white-boy fears, desires, weaknesses and inferiority complex. You have a hall of fame scene here for those discerning cuckold-type beta/white males in your audience, like myself. I also love the nice touch of Rob NOT saying anything. At first, I was like, wtf, but then I realized this was on purpose and was a fantastic idea. Like he's aloof and above all this crazy, white people nonsense and is only there to do what bbc studs do best: pound and wreck little, white girl holes. I did imagine him shaking his head at some of the things Lola says to the viewer, like how pathetic he now knows the white-boy is in this situation the more she keeps talking. Bravo, DF and Brava, Lola! MORE! MORE! MOOOOOORE!!!!! more

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    P E R F E C T SCENE! Epic! Whoever directed this and gave this chick the dialogue is my hero! I've been asking for this exact thing for years and it's all come together in this single scene! I am overjoyed and sincerely wish you had an "11" rating for scenes such as this. Lola handles this type of scenario like a TRUE black cock slut, a true porn star and the newest addition to my white goddess hall of fame, no joke. I will be whacking my little, tiny white-boy pee-pee to this scene for years and years to come. I came twice just trying to get to the 4 minute mark. INSANE HOT TALK! THANK YOU, DF from the bottom of my weak, white devil heart. The credit card talk was outta sight! The small, white penis humiliation was immaculate and went on and on and on and I literally found myself saying out loud "what the fuck is happening?" I thought I was still dreaming waking up to this uber scene! I'm going to take the rest of the day off, seriously, and watch this mother fucker as many times as I can. I live for scenes like this! To Billy and all the gang at DF, I bow to you and applaud your ability to listen to your audience. I've said it before but I'll say it again, I'm a lifetime member and can't imagine life without my DF! more


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